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Managerial Business Solutions (MBS)
is a Financial Consulting Firm Founded by Zoraida Marchany Morales, Certified Public Accountant, in March 2006.

MBS professional services through our Associates and Business Partners in other areas of expertise offer assisting top management in private, public, domestic, foreign, large, medium or small sizes companies, to design and implement policies, procedures and internal controls, that will permit the attainment of projected goals, through the development and establishment of operational and managerial optimum practices tailored to their individual needs.

The programs designed would be measured based on quality features through continuous assessment and improvement evaluation performance analyses of financial and compliance audits, operational review of policies and procedures, implementation of managerial accounting and evaluation reporting tools applicable to all types of industries and organizations.

Likewise, other professional services include accounting recordkeeping, monthly financial statements, operational analyses, external audit and audited financial statements, tax return preparation and presentation.

MBS has the capability through its Associates and Business Partners to pool together the necessary specialized individual resources to undertake small or large projects to fulfill the requirements of the specific contracted agreement.

In today’s dynamic economical ups and downs, it is necessary to be able to meet the demands of each individual organization and specifically address their needs in a cost effective conscientious approach. We have the capabilities to do this!

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